Hero’s Journey

“Neo, sooner or later you’re going to realize just as I did that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”
~ Morpheus

Walking the path, or The Way requires massive courage. We are staring down Pharaoh’s armies which are charged with protecting the status quo. In order to overcome our fears. We must study and implement our own Hero’s Journey.

Joseph Cambell & the Hero’s Journey.

“Finding Joe” trailer about YOUR Hero’s Journey

“Finding Joe” documentary about YOUR Hero’s Journey

“There’s no such thing as a dragon” -Jordan Peterson
A children’s book about the consequence of ignoring our dragons. The unchallenged Serpent from the Garden becomes the Serpent Dragon of Revelation. Serpents, vipers, snakes, nashek Snake Bite represent the Money Lenders. Nashek is Hebrew for snake bite and usury. “$” is the Brass Serpent on a pole from Numbers 21. The Serpent Dragon steals gold treasure & virgins.

“Jesus as a Meta-hero” -Jordan Peterson

Our individual dragon vs our collective dragon.





Release individual.(Self Actualization)

Revival collective challenge to our common oppressors.(Peak Experiences)


Problem: we all have been subjected to trauma-based mind control since birth. We must all commit to honest self-evaluation. We must re-align our values away from Babylon. Then toward Yah.

Challenge: self-actualizing & peak experiences.

Self-image upgrade:

Are you truly committed?

Materialists’ fear of death creates their own prison.

Free PDF “Anointed Hero’s Journey”
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