The Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament, has economic laws which will rapidly, peacefully, and thoroughly end our captivity to Babylonian bankers.

We are suffering due to a simple cause & effect relationship. One can ignore laws for gravity; but one cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring laws for gravity.

Yah rules and has created economic laws. However, Man foolishly despises Yah’s laws out of vanity and pride. When humanity ignores Yah’s economic laws; we fall into debt slave captivity. The Bible refers to debt slaves as “bond servants”. Nearly every single problem that afflicts humanity is a consequence of rebellion to Yah’s law.

Hate, division, poverty, endless war, addiction, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Agra, pollution, mass shootings, and political corruption are all symptoms. Our status as Bond Servants condemns us to Babylonian or Egyptian captivity.

But now it’s time for an Uprising!

Jew Debt Revolt "Uprising" from Breckenridge Video Marketing on Vimeo.

Hero’s Journey

“Finding Joe” trailer about YOUR Hero’s Journey

“Finding Joe” documentary about YOUR Hero’s Journey

The tale of the Hero s Journey a documentary style film from Breckenridge Video Marketing on Vimeo.

“There’s no such thing as a dragon” -Jordan Peterson
A children’s book about the consequence of ignoring our dragons.

"There s No Such Thing As A Dragon" -Jack Kent child's audiobook from Breckenridge Video Marketing on Vimeo.

“Jesus as a Meta-hero” -Jordan Peterson

Jesus is a meta-hero of renewal. Jordan Peterson from Breckenridge Video Marketing on Vimeo.

Our individual dragon vs our collective dragon.





Release individual.(Self Actualization)

Revival collective challenge to our common oppressors.(Peak Experiences)


Problem: we all have been subjected to trauma-based mind control since birth. We must all commit to honest self-evaluation. We must re-align our values away from Babylon. Then toward Yah.

Challenge: self-actualizing & peak experiences.

Self-image upgrade:

Are you truly committed?

Materialists’ fear of death creates their own prison.

Downpression Story

There is a collective Dragon ruling over us. Sadly, most deny their own Dragon & our common Dragon.

Before the Matrix movie was Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”. Each describing a false & real reality. And those who refuse to see the painful truth of our enslavement.

2,400 years ago, Plato said life is like being chained up in a cave, forced t… from Breckenridge Video Marketing on Vimeo.

“He who pays the piper calls the tune”

"Lobby Wow" fast, easy way to bribe your Congressman. from Breckenridge Video Marketing on Vimeo.

Our corporate media is a banker financed false reality. “Operation Mockingbird” is a government, CIA program to social engineer and dumd down the population.

Operation Mockingbird in Affect from Breckenridge Video Marketing on Vimeo.

“Rivers of Babylon” 2000 years of war on Yah’s Kingdom.

Rivers of Babylon Part I from Breckenridge Video Marketing on Vimeo.

The Bible Project:

“How to Read the Bible Story” playlist



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